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Nr. 051


Af Ruth Flensted, Bente Lidang, Bente Sibbernsen, Bodil Toft

"It's My Business" offers a compilation of texts from modern business life to the intermediate learner. Our wish has been to present the user with a selection of interesting topics and current problems of business rather than trying to be all-embracing. The texts will appeal to young as well as adult learners.

In short, authentic articles the first four chapters: "Building Your Own Career", "Retailing", "Fashion" and "Ethics" contain topics of business life that are also important aspects of our everyday lives making the articles all the more interesting. The chapter of Fashion includes company profiles of Nike and H&M. All the texts are accompanied by glossaries.

With lots of tasks and class-room and group activities to pick and choose from students are kept pleasantly busy throughout the book.

"It's My Business" develops the learner's business vocabulary and as the tasks stress presentations and discussions the result of working with the book will be an improved linguistic self-confidence.

The last chapter of the book introduces the students to the mysteries of business letter writing in a simple and enjoyable way. After a short instruction the students are invited to enter into a correspondence between two firms thus trying out the theories themselves in two very life-like situations comprising the most important aspects of business letter writing such as ordering, paying, complaining and writing memos.

The chapter also provides the necessary tools to guide the students through the tasks of writing a letter of application, analysing advertisements and giving presentations.

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1. udg., 173 sider, ISBN-nr. 87-7414-704-8


Kr. 235,00