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L. A. Stories - Great Writers on the City and Angels

Nr. 049

L. A. Stories
Great Writers on the City of Angels

Af Philip Hayles & John Hird

It is hard to think of a city with a more fascinating image than Los Angeles. Many people feel they know the city intimately even though they have never actually visited southern California. This of course is the result of the extensive media coverage that the city attracts because of the unique and extraordinary mix of the rich and famous, the movie industry, beautiful surroundings and last but not least that special southern California climate.

In L. A. Stories - Great Writers on the City of Angels well-known and almost completely unknown writers each contribute to painting a colourful and thoughtprovoking picture of Los Angeles. The texts range from rock lyrics through prose to documentary theatre.

L. A. Stories - Great Writers on the City of Angels is divided into three parts:
Part 1 provides various perspectives on the city, its people and its history. Among the writers are Tom Clark, poet, and Ross Macdonald, who represents the hard-boiled detective genre.
Part 2 deals with Hollywood. The texts open a window onto both the positive and the negative aspects of the movie industry Among the writers are comedian Groucho
Marx and literary icons Henry Miller and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Part 3 takes a close look at some of the issues related to race and ethnicity, including the 1992 riots. Among the writers are Sarajevoborn Kirk Alex and Francisco X. Alarcón, who grew up both in the United States and Mexico.

There are two reasons why this anthology was created. First of all, Los Angeles is a unique place about which interesting stories have been told throughout its short history. Secondly, many students already know quite a lot about the city and definitely have an interest in certain aspects of life in Los Angeles. Consequently they will be able to contribute to interesting and relevant discussions once the texts of this anthology show them new perspectives on the ostensibly glittering City of Angels. We hope teachers and students will find the texts as inspiring and eyeopening as we do. Have a great trip.

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L.A. Stories
1. udg. • 174 sider • ISBN-nr. 87-7414-806-0


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