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L. A. Stories - Tips & Tricks

Nr. 149

L. A. Stories - Tips & Tricks
Great Writers on the City of Angels

Af Philip Hayles & John Hird

Tips and Tricks essentially contain a wide range of exercises which teachers may find useful when using L.A. Stories. The goal is to provide teachers with an easily accessible greater diversity of exercises as a natural supplement to the texts and exercises contained in the book itself. Furthermore, further reading and useful websites will be suggested as tools available to increase teacher background knowledge of L.A. and California. These include historical perspectives as well as present day news and issues relevant to the region. These texts, and particularly websites, will also be the basis of some student exercises, in order that students too can develop a better understanding of factual information pertaining to L.A. and its surrounding region.


L.A. Stories - Tips & Tricks
1. udg. • 40 sider • ISBN-nr. 87-7414-834-6


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L.A. Stories
1. udg. • 174 sider • ISBN-nr. 87-7414-806-0

L.A.Stories - Tips & Tricks
Kr. 240,00


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